“The WORK…is not the work!”

The real work is making the 4am call times. The real work is transporting 15 pelican cases full of gear across the country. It’s the endless hours of research you did to make sure that you squeeze every ounce of out of your production. It’s figuring out how to make your paycheck last until your next big project. No, the real work is never the final product. The real work is the struggle we go through, to make the art we know we have inside us, to make the work real.

“BURN” winner of the 2012 Tribeca FIlm Festival

“BURN” winner of the 2012 Tribeca FIlm Festival

BURN: 1-year on the front lines of the battle to save Detroit

BURN is an action-packed, character-driven film about Detroit, told through the eyes of Detroit firefighters.  Filmed from late 2009-2012 this epic saga of redemption and rebirth in face of utter tragedy and despair will shock and awe you. The challenges faced by the firefighters of Detroit is like nothing seen in this country.

Go on an intimate, 85-min journey into the lives of some of the bravest men and women on earth. Winner of Best Documentary at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival where it premiered. Proceeds from the film have helped local firehouses in both Detroit and NYC purchase desperately needed equipment. Watch the film, support a firemen please.

Directed by: Tom Putnam & Brenna Sanchez

Premiering in spring 2019

Premiering in spring 2019

kung fu justice: protectors of the youmacon

Kung Fu Justice is a true life look inside the annual anime and cosplay festival knows as Youmacon. Told through the lens of the events all volunteer kung-fu security force, tasked with keeping peace over this 20,000 person, 72 hour event. Using social media and the powers of zen Owen Matson and his ragtag tech-savvy martial arts posse keep the party going and everyone safe in this bizarre and funny documentary.

Shot in 2016, this 35 min. short doc will be premiering at the Freep Film Festival in the spring of 2019. Please come out and support.

Produced by: Detroit Lives!

Directed and Shot by Logan Siegel

The Mental Health Channel

The Mental Health Channel

Just breathe

According to her teammates, friends and coaches, Beth was the model student, friend and athlete. But that was only the Beth she wanted them to know. Like millions of people, Beth suffers from bouts of depression and like man, her’s was deepened after a traumatic encounter.

As the captain of the U of M women’s Water Polo team, Beth was in a position to mentor other young women. However it wasn’t until seeing a therapist and tackling her fears and anxiety head on was she able to be the role model she needed to be. Filmed for the mental health channel this doc-u-series profiles different people around the country and their struggles with mental health.

Produced by: Arcos Films

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Greetings and welcome to my online portfolio. This space exists as a record of my past archive of published work as either creator or collaborator.

Take a look around and enjoy.