Life behind the lens began after being laid off as a video editor at JWT (formerly J. Walter Thompson advertising) in 2009. I had a passion for still photography at this point but the global recession and the oncoming “DSLR cinema” revolution made it possible for me to take a chance and follow my dream. A dream of being the person behind the camera creating the images, not just cutting them up.

My odyssey into film production began in 2009 working for the BBC as a location scout on the documentary film “Requiem for Detroit”. The following year I landed a position as a PA and AC on the feature documentary film BURN, eventually working my way up to shooter. In 2011 I was tapped to become part of a team archiving the life and work of hip-hop legend Marshal Mathers (aka Eminem) as he prepared for and set off on his “Recovery Tour”. It was an amazing opportunity, and over the course of 2 years I filmed a string of live concerts across Europe and the US as well as behind the scenes footage of his music video shoots and recording sessions.

In the years that followed, I have had the pleasure of working on a wide range of projects including; feature films and indie docs, reality television, corporate films, TV commercials, web series, action sports and narrative art house films.  I love to shoot but nothing makes me happier than working in the world of documentary film. I live for finding that one of a kind worthy of cinema story and working with a team of professional to craft a truly compelling narrative.  

Currently, I am freelancing on various projects around the globe. I own and operate a small production company Reel Vision Media based in Detroit. I have relationships with many local studios and key crew both here in Detroit and throughout the US. Please take a look around and feel free to reach out with project ideas.

I love a big adventure! 


Shoot your heart out

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…a passion for “Cinematica”

Since the time I was a child I’ve been a visual learner. See it once, do it myself. Always curious about technology and media. I even made my first stop-motion film when I was 8-years old on our family VHS recorder. I’ve always loved music, robotics, electronics, computers and of course cameras. Using them, building them…pushing them to their creative limits.

On location @ Cape Spear Newfoundland CA

On location @ Cape Spear Newfoundland CA

3-Axis Gimbals

Book Tower Restoration Detroit

Book Tower Restoration Detroit


Chicago USA

Chicago USA



“Box & Stick” work

At the heart of it…THERe still lies a photograph

My love for motion is rivaled only by my love for the beautiful. All the robotics in hollywood can’t save your lousy image. Being able to make a great photo come to life is what it’s really all about. The power to capture the mind through traditional “box & stick” a.k.a. tripod & camera work should never be underestimated.